Please find attached a copy of the revision timetable we sent out earlier by both email and post which outlines how revision sessions are happening and when. You’ll see that we’ve restructured the Year 11 timetable to maximise the support we can offer the students around their exams. For example , earlier this week students revised Religious Studies on the morning when that exam was sat in the afternoon. The same happened with science (Combined, Biology and Chemistry). In other words, school continues as normal for them and all students are expected in school for the duration of the attached timetable and in the correct school uniform. Although other schools might not offer as comprehensive support as we do (and there will be an inevitable request from a small minority of students to study from home – particularly as the summer sun comes out) we’ve found that the most beneficial way to revise is with their teacher during the school day, it relieves the stress of being by themselves at home over a pressured time in their education but perhaps more importantly, the students are appreciative of it as it’s a timetable designed as a response to what our students have asked for.

Do keep them all in your prayers at this important time in their education.

Yours sincerely

C Stapleton