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The Phoenix Centre is a brand new, bespoke approach to learning that aims to accelerate student progress.

The key aims of the Phoenix approach are:

  • Accelerated academic progress for all pupils
  • Easing the move from primary to secondary school to avoid the traditional decline in academic performance as a result of transition.
  • Creating a culture of community, respect, independence and ownership
  • Helping pupils to become well rounded, knowledgable, employable and successful.

The key features of the Phoenix approach are:

  • Teaching thematically, allowing pupils to make interconnections between subjects and giving topics real world value.
  • A safe, well equipped and engaging base that is JUST for our Phoenix pupils.
  • A clear focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills, which are at the heart of EVERY lesson and the keys to future academic success.
  • A tailored curriculum with differentiated texts and resources to support, stretch and challenge all pupils and help them meet their individual targets.
  • Specially trained staff that take ownership and responsibility for the learning needs of one class, providing a strong bond between teacher and pupil and giving one a clear point of contact for parents/guardians.
  • Trained Learning Mentors to offer further in class support and additional intervention to support every pupil and their unique learning styles.

Our Success So Far:

Students have voiced how happy they are in Phoenix and feel the specially designed curriculum is accelerating their progress.

  • 99% of pupils described their experience in Phoenix so far as positive.
  • 98 % of pupils feel safe in Phoenix.
  • 95% of pupils feel there isn't any bullying or that bullying is dealt with effectively by staff.
  • 94% of pupils think their numeracy and literacy are improving as a result of the specially designed Phoenix curriculum.

Our data suggests Phoenix pupils are excelling academically.

  • In Maths and English our pupils are already on track to match or exceed National Averages for both subjects- this is exceptional considering the data reflects on 12 weeks of teaching time.
  • SEN pupils are excelling in all areas of the curriculum and working above national averages.
  • Pupil Premium students excelling in Literacy and Numeracy and are are again, working significantly above national average.

The Student Voice:

"The Phoenix area is awesome! All our teachers are really kind and want us to do well. I feel the teachers support me and take care of me and help me do my personal best. I have really enjoyed all of our trips!" - Ervis

"I love the Phoenix Centre because it's our own personal space, just for year 7. I loved it when the exotic animals came into school, we got to learn about the climate of the rainforest and hold snakes!" - Regan

"Phoenix is the best because all the teachers are really helpful. We get to have one main teacher and get to know them quickly so there is no need to feel scared. I also really like being taught in themes- learning about chocolate is so fun!"- Jordon.



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Good luck to all students getting their A Level results today!!

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