Extra-Curricular Clubs: 3.30-4.30pm



Extra- Curricular Sports Clubs

  • Each term sports will change unless there is a request to keep a sport for another term and/or there is enough up-take to run the club.
  • Clubs are free unless stated – This is usually when an external coach is involved.
  • Lunch time clubs do not require you to change into full PE kit but trainers must be worn and no ties and blazers. If you wish to change then you may. Club will start at 1.40 and finish at 2.10pm
  • After school clubs will start at 3.25 and finish at 4.15/4.30 and do require you to wear full kit.
  • If you have any legitimate ideas for clubs then let the PE staff know as we always try and accommodate your requests. Please bear in mind however, that some activities can’t be offered as we do not have the facilities, equipment or expertise however, we would look into them for the future if there is enough interest.